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Cat Birthday Box Personalized, Gotcha Day Box - Catnip Handmade Custom Cat Toy

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Heart Toy- Birthday, Gotcha Day or Name Only?
Blue or Pink themed?

Handmade personalized Birthday or Gotcha Day cat toy box. These potent catnip toys will make the best gift for cats and cat lovers. Our cute toys help keep your cat from being bored and to get some of their energy out! We create pet toys that are the best cat toys for indoor cats!

Choose between the Birthday, Gotcha Day and Name only options for the heart toy! Choose between the blue themed or pink themed box.

One name only for the personalized toy. 

🐾 Box includes:

- 1 Personalized Heart cat toy

-1 Crown cat toy

-1 Cat bernet wine cat toy

-2 mouse toys (exact color may vary)

-1 laser pointer (color of laser pointer may vary)

-1 small bag of catnip

Heart toy, Crown toy and Wine toy all come with catnip by default. If catnip bag is not wanted, leave a message at checkout!

🐾 Pink-themed version of box will include the pink flower heart, and pink/purple gems on the crown toy.

🐾 Blue-themed version of box will include the blue polka dot heart and the red/blue gems on the crown toy.

🐾 Box dimensions- 10x7x3 or 10x6x4 or 10x8x4 depending on availability.

🐾 Toy dimensions Personalized Heart toy dimensions- 3.5 x 3.25 inches Crown toy dimensions- 3.25 x 2.25 inches Cat Bernet dimensions- 4 x 1.5 inches Mouse dimensions- 1 x 5 inches (from nose to tail) Catnip bag size- 2 x 3 inches

🐾 The heart toy, crown toy and wine toy are all handmade by me! The mouse, laser pointer and bag of catnip are not handmade by me but are fun bonuses! The only toy that is personalized with a name is the Heart toy, the other toys can NOT be personalized. All toys are one-sided only.

🐾 Each cat toy comes with catnip, unless "no catnip" is left as a note at checkout.

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